Monday, April 9, 2012

The New Drug: Neon & Silver

 Louis Vuitton purse | Primark skinny jeans | Kikais Necklace |
Primark shorts | Marni for H&M Sandals | Zara top

I admit it.. I'm a trend Junkie (aren't we all??).
2 Years ago I would've never thought of buying these ultra bright yellow/lime items for Spring and now they rock my world. Combining them with silver somehow makes my heart beat faster... must be the rush of this quick fix... xx


  1. OMG, I <3 this blog. Just came across it and I absolutely fell in love. Keep it up! Bestu kveðjur frá íslandi [best regards from Iceland]

    1. Thank you, that is so cool to hear.
      xx from Amsterdam!

  2. Ekkert að þakka:), I am currently changing the design of my webpage, that's why it looks a bit funny atm. But I'ld love you to stop by any time. xxx til baka frá reykjavík

  3. Love the neon colours :)
    ... the sandals are amazing :)

  4. I`m just in love with neon, too!
    Cool things! :)


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