Friday, April 13, 2012

Dip your nails in midnight silver

Did my nails today and thought I'd share how easy it is to create these dip & dye nails with midnight blue and silver polish. Idk, I like this way of doing yr own manicure..! Enjoy the weekend xx

You'll need some make-up (or random) sponges and a piece of paper to pat the sponge before
applying polish to nails 

Apply whatever color you like on the sponge and tap on paper and then on nails (use base coat first!).
Repeat this for every nail. Apply second color (like I did with silver) even lighter and more random
than first color! Finish with topcoat.

It gets messy! Clean this up with some remover on a q-tip

Result! I like it!


  1. gaaf! Love it

  2. Wow your blog is amazing! You have a new follower. This nail art is amazing!
    I've just done a post on my favourite nail polishes for spring 2012, would love if you'd check it out and maybe follow if you like it

  3. omg i love them! so pretty! your blog is super cute, new follower!

    xo Kelly

  4. Thanks for the comment and for following! Means a lot

  5. wat leuk! Leuk blog heb je ook, ik kende je nog niet;) Nou wij volgen je nu!

  6. Leukk!



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