Saturday, July 28, 2012

Doing the necessary: Top 10

So.. When Summer is being the bitch that she is lately, standing you up like usual, there are only so many things you can do to get even. Just think... You would've never had the time to do ALL THIS in one day, had today been a day of sunshine and outdoors fun:  

1. Watch 90's teen shows in your zebra sweatpants 

2. Read every issue of CODE and deciding on your personal style.. if you were a man.

3. Paint your nails. With glitter that wont come off. Like EVER.

4. Listen to Fleetwood Mac Landslide on repeat. In your old chair. Feeling good about not wearing make-up
(And then regret it when you see the picture)

5. Let the cat lick your nose

6. Re-frame all your pictures 

7. Wonder why you need all this stuff. And wonder if you should expand your bathroom so you can fit in more.

8. Pick flowers from the garden and pretend Robert Pattinson gave them to you.

9. Figure out how to make rice taste better

10. Work out. (Well.. that was a lie)

Monday, July 23, 2012


My best friend lives in Toronto and her name is Chantelle. We met when I was working in Canada for H&M in 2005 and have the most awesome friendship in to world. We traveled to many countries together and always have the best time, meet the coolest people and cry when it's time to say goodbye (well okay..I do, she is one tough cookie..!). Now Chantelle is one cool kid, so when she was rocking the pink hair back in '05, I was in awe and secretly hoped to have the guts to do that one day. So here we are, 2012. AND I FUCKING DID IT. So Tizzle, this one is for you. xx

Chantelle & Me, back in tha day.

This dye is awesome, I used the Cerise. Can't wait to try out the Lilac!

It's a semi-permanent dye, so it fades out in a pretty way. This is after the first washing

After the second washing. I like

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A lesson in western

H&M shirt | Fashionology Collar tips | Charmins Ring | Tom Ford glasses | Chanel vintage loafers

So there used to be a time when dueling was for the gentlemen. You stole my women..?? Meet me at sunset! Can't decide which ego is bigger? Take 10 steps and draw you gun. That kinda stuff. Dueling was something early modern Europeans created, and really got it's allure by that thing called Chivalry, the medieval institution of knighthood. Now pistol dueling flowed straight out of this tradition, used by the Mid Western American men due to the absence of common law. Maybe not with a charming sword, but still pretty bad ass if you ask me. Oh well..whatever dudes... I just like the clothes!  xx

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fringe summer

Zara top | Ibana fringe jacket | Bershka pants | Flossy Ibiza espadrilles

Oh how we long for days at the beach and long summer nights.. Even though the sun says 'What's up' every now and then, this years summer season is often mistaken for fall. Or winter.. But I have good faith! And a wardrobe to match that faith! So COME ON sun, stay with me for a little while?

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