Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A lesson in western

H&M shirt | Fashionology Collar tips | Charmins Ring | Tom Ford glasses | Chanel vintage loafers

So there used to be a time when dueling was for the gentlemen. You stole my women..?? Meet me at sunset! Can't decide which ego is bigger? Take 10 steps and draw you gun. That kinda stuff. Dueling was something early modern Europeans created, and really got it's allure by that thing called Chivalry, the medieval institution of knighthood. Now pistol dueling flowed straight out of this tradition, used by the Mid Western American men due to the absence of common law. Maybe not with a charming sword, but still pretty bad ass if you ask me. Oh well..whatever dudes... I just like the clothes!  xx


  1. Hele leuke outfit! En big love voor de charmin, wil die ook voor jazzies inkopen! In de nieuwe collectie bij jazzies zit ook een hele gave gun necklace! http://www.jazzies.nl/club-manhattan-m-13.html?page=2

  2. oh god this is Super amazing! love your hair colour a lot :)
    would you like to follow each other?


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