Friday, April 27, 2012

Berlin part 1: Art at every corner

Berlin is more than amazing and I am constantly on the go, just walking around and exploring every part of this cool city. I guess in a way it's a lot like Amsterdam but what I love most is the fact that this city is so god damn photogenic. Hope you enjoy this update, I'll be sure to post part 2 tomorrow xx   

A giant squad building we found at Berlin Mitte

King Cannons playing a acoustic show at the Ramones museum

Why can't all buildings look like this..?!

Traffic on the road to Germany. Wearing my new Adidas neon pants (so comfortable).

Monday, April 23, 2012

Brightening darkness

Reporting live from Hamburg! Off to Berlin tomorrow but not before I share my Hamburg finds with you. Couldn't resist to check out the Mid-season sale at H&M where I found this leather skirt and very cool H&M Trend cardigan (front is a silk like fabric, backside and arms are rough cotton). Hamburg sure has some cool little stores. I am so happy with these studs I found, for 0,20 cents each, such a deal! Sleep now, long drive tomorrow. xx

Cheap Monday wallet

Above knuckle rings by WEEKDAY

Found these amazing skull studs (soon to be on a collar of one of my dress shirts)

Saturday, April 21, 2012


There used to be a time when studs were the equivalent of alternative and they provoked 'nice' people on the streets to say kind things like 'Hey check out that weird chick with gothic tendencies'. WELL... no longer! Studs are back with a vengeance and here to stay. Whoohaa!

Tomorrow I'm leaving for a German road-trip to Hamburg and Berlin. Super excited. I'll be sure to check in and keep you posted. xx

Studs and buttons at Jan (Albert Cuyp market)

Paris Blanco sweater

Color studded bag @ Albert Cuyp market

Primark Aztec studs

Studs and buttons at Jan (Albert Cuyp market)

Browns ID Boots

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Those little things

H&M hair clip

Okay, we all lust after that classic Chanel flap bag or those killer Alexander Wang heels, but isn't it the best when you find cool stuff that makes you look like a million bucks without actually costing the amount of a small car? Let me know what your recent finds are! I would love to hear from you guys. xx Tess

Herome W.I.C. mini's. So cute

New nail-polish combo! Hot pink and black (black applied with sponge)

My look of the day. White H&M blazer, gray t-shirt, H&M Trend necklace, Fashionology ear-cuff

Beautiful color by Clarins, no 12

Cute little socks from Van Haren

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In my head I already bought it

Image found here

This is happening. This Nike Dunk Sky High with Lagos Laurel print is a collaboration with British retailer Liberty and I love how Nike is jumping on the wedge sneaker wagon. Also, if I were a short guy I would srsly consider buying this.. ha. Available in May.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

less make-up. more curls

Sundays are all about dressing it down for me. No make-up, just some nude Mac lipstick and a defined brow. Ow and curls ;). Super easy to make and they last me at least 3 days. Gotta love it.

Wet hair, blow dry and cool down

The tools

Simple curls, let them rest, make-up

Best brush in the world, shake head for loose effect

Result! Wearing H&M sweater, Forever 21 necklace and old ripped jeans

Friday, April 13, 2012

Dip your nails in midnight silver

Did my nails today and thought I'd share how easy it is to create these dip & dye nails with midnight blue and silver polish. Idk, I like this way of doing yr own manicure..! Enjoy the weekend xx

You'll need some make-up (or random) sponges and a piece of paper to pat the sponge before
applying polish to nails 

Apply whatever color you like on the sponge and tap on paper and then on nails (use base coat first!).
Repeat this for every nail. Apply second color (like I did with silver) even lighter and more random
than first color! Finish with topcoat.

It gets messy! Clean this up with some remover on a q-tip

Result! I like it!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wisteria wonders

I want to go to Japan... the Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu, Japan to be more precise.
Each year, from April to May, wisteria blooms here. In unreal amounts! I mean COME ON, it's like looking at a Van Gogh painting. I want to hang out on those benches (second picture) and just sit there... quietly... blogging.. Ha.  

Monday, April 9, 2012

The New Drug: Neon & Silver

 Louis Vuitton purse | Primark skinny jeans | Kikais Necklace |
Primark shorts | Marni for H&M Sandals | Zara top

I admit it.. I'm a trend Junkie (aren't we all??).
2 Years ago I would've never thought of buying these ultra bright yellow/lime items for Spring and now they rock my world. Combining them with silver somehow makes my heart beat faster... must be the rush of this quick fix... xx
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