Saturday, June 2, 2012

I like these products: Beauty

Lancaster sun creams and after sun

Some favorite beauty products of mine. And when I say favorite I mean: Use it every day, re-purchase in time or stack op on (just so I don't need to go a day without..), would recommend it without blinking and sometimes I consider writing a letter to the company behind the brand to thank them, which I never do, cause that would be pathetic. :) Let me know what products are on your list! xx

How did I ever remove my make-up without this?? 

Every night on clean skin

I MIGHT have a small No7 obsession (SO GOOD)

Once every two weeks for healthy glow and fresh skin

At night for moisture and during day for extra fixation of lipstick
Goodbye forever dry lips

Not for every day maybe, but such special and wonderful products!
Tightens and adds glow

Always in my bag. Soft lips and subtle color


  1. Hi great blog, love No7 serums, and like bioderma, but love Liza Earle cleansers at the moment.

    Love your Berlin post.

    You got a new follower.


    Nicki fannings blog spot if you get a chance to check it out

    1. Thanks Nicki! Berlin was so good.

      I've never tried Liza Earle cleansers, will look it up!


  2. I only just found your blog and I can't believe I haven't found it sooner!
    You have some crazy good content on here and I can't wait to go through
    some more posts but I thought I'd leave you a comment to let you know first :)

    I was thinking we could follow each other on GFC, what do you think?



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